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The Realm Online - INFO For New Players

INFO For New Players

INFO For New Players (UPDATE 07-14-21)
Common directions - U=up R=right L=left D=down tp=teleport

Alt+T will show you everythig on your floor so you can pick up things.
To speed up the game press f12, 5 times quick. To slow it back down use f11. On a laptop you may need to use the Fn key with f12.
Go to Options. You can slow down the start combat speed on the dial. 45 gives you more time to decide what to do, and Turn on Auto Give so people can hand you things.

Start your adventure in the TENT 1R out the gate by the tp in EL. There is everything a new toon needs there all in one place.

Getting skills cost build points (bps) as well as the book/skill cost.
LOOK at you and see what weapon you use and what lvl of skill you have for it. Find the clerk (in the tent) who has weapon skill books.
Get skill books for your weapon. You can't fight without skill even if you have a weapon. If you have a dagger and want to continue using that, be sure to read dagger. If you want to switch to a throwing dagger, read THROWING. Same for swords. Think about what weapon you want to use and read that skill; long, short, or 2-hand sword.

Orbs are your friend. There are orbs for healing and tp that work just like spells. Teleport orbs will group teleport so when in dungeons do not use them around the rest of your party or if you are using multiple players/accounts.
When you have the skill you need for your weapon - go into the basement of the tent. Start combatting in the room on the left and work your way right. The rooms progress in dificulty as you progress in lvls/hps. If you'd rather, go outside into Ratling Run and kill rats and zombies. Zombies drop an essential spellbook - Unlock.

You need good armor. To find suitable "Familiar" armor for your toon go to Kurz and left from the tp to Targoths (a sarc). Go in the sarc and down the hole. Then go 2L - 2U - 3L - 1U - look in bones and collect any familiar clothes and anything you want to sell. Activate the floor button, go out, go back in do it again as many times as it takes. You can fight or not, up to you.
Familiar armor: WW (windwalker) for thief - WL (warlord) for warrior/hitter - Thaum, Elem, Necro are for wiz toons. Any of these can be mixed for new toons. But keep looking until you have an actual set. Maul of the Mist is also found in this bonepile, it is a suitable starting weapon for a warrior (hitter).

Where to find a few of the needed low level things:
Spellbook of Unlock is dropped by zombies in Ratling Run. This spell is needed to unlock some doors and chests.
Stingers and Fangblade's are sometimes in the bones in Targoth's, in Thieves Hole and Bounty chest dropped by many foes outside. So are various axes, clubs and mauls.  Thieves Hole is also a fine place to grab your first 50 or so levels with a chance to find a Stinger or a Belt of Carry (also Fenris Cave), an essential ingredient for success.
Claymore (2-hand sword) in Emerald Forest in Enid's Bounty chests.

Green text items can be identified with scrolls bought in magic shops.  Belts, Rings and Amulets should be idenfied until you have your belt of carry and corresponding types of jewelry.  Endurance rings for all classes until later lvls, intelligence amulets for wizards and amulets of combat for hitters. When you have what you need you don't need to ID any more. Colored text means something special. Find out what it is before you sell it.

WHEN YOU DIE YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING BEFORE LEVEL 50! After that you can activate insurance ( /ins ) and instead of taking your good chanted clothes or weapon the game will take some gold. So -
Be brave! Try things see what you can do. Get to know your toon and capabilities.

Be Brave!!  And Have fun!


Anvil- Arimathor 4W, 25N
Barracks - Drune- 8N, 3E
Church of Damnation - Wen 2E, 9S, 1W
Daemon Home - Drune 4W, 6N
Daemon Home (Heroic) - Drune 4W, 5N
The Dark Gauntlet- Wen 10S, 9W
The Dragon Pit - Wen 6N, 13E
Enid Safe Haven - Silverbrook 2N, 6W
Faery Caverns - West Leinster 3E, 3S, 4E
Fenris Cave- Caer Fandry - 5S
Festering Hate Pool - Wen 6N, 6E
Forgotten Dungeon - Kurz  9E, 5S
Forgotten Dungeon - Kurz 9E, 6S
Fuloran's Abode - Usk 3E, 10S
Fuloran's Abode (Heroic) - Usk 3E, 13S, 5E
Greater Hive - Asgard 3W, 12N
Holy Caves - Drune 11N, 9W
Imp City - Cear Fandry 9N
Imp Haven - Asgard 11E, 4N
Imp Haven (Heroic) - Asgard 11E, 3N
The Labyrinth - Drune 2N, 16W or Kurz 7E, 12S
Lesser Hive - West Leinster 1N, 4W, 4N
Naktos' Morgue - West Leinster  3E, 4S, 2W
Orge Caverans - Kurz 1N, 15W
Snake Pit -Drune 14E, 2S
Targoth Tomb - Kruz - 6W
Test of Souls- Monmouth 4W, 8N
The Maze - Drune 6W, 13N
The Foundry - Silverbrook 19W
The Foundry (Heroic) - Silverbrook 16W, 7N
Tor's Crypt - East Leinster 1E, 7S, 3W
Troll's Haven - West Leinster 5N, 3E, 6N
Troll's Hideaway - Kruz 1E, 7S
Tulor's Caverns - Drune 4E, Tent, 1S, 4E
Tulors Caverns (Heroic) - Drune 4R, Tent, 2S, 4E
Theive Hole - Drune 1D ,10W
Warriors Abode - Drune 6S
Undead Stronghold - Wen 4N, 7W
The Underground (Prestige Only) - Avalon 1S, West to cave
The Zoo - East Leinster 4E, 2N

HOT ZONES  https://realmserver.fandom.com/wiki/Hot_Zones

Warrior Skillbooks - Caer Fandry 2E ,1S ,1E
Wizard Skillbooks - Arimathor 1N
Thief Skillbooks - East Leinster 3S
TS/Myth Weapons/Armor - Usk 2N, 1W
Leather/Steel - West Leinster 2N
Magic Shops with spellbooks - Murias 1S, Drune 1N
Dyes/Robes - Monmouth 1E
Backpack and Crafting supplies - Asgard 1N

Realm Crafting Guide

Reply #1
Realm Crafting Guide


(On a personal note i think this might stabilize the economy and allow us to start trades again in earnest or the people who are overly generous to be more so now !!!!!)

The basis of all armor crafting is this you need 3-7 components to make an item seems simple enough right. lets get started

Crafting (for now) seems to be a skill that influences how many components you get for salvaging an item. (details later under proficient items crafting section see below)


Do you know all of those familiar pieces of gear you find while leveling up and killing random monsters ???? well it turns out you can make those !!!!! here is what you will need to make any 1 piece of that gear !!!!!!!

9 Mabonite bars 1 familiar Armorsmithing hammer

Mabonite bars as will be found by enchanters are found by getting items enchanted and when they blow up because of the random chance that they might disappear they will give you a Mabonite (sometimes) in the process i would think the easiest way to get these would probably be to take an All Strength Warrior Giant and Permanency several weapons trying to make a 5x (impossible for this Spell damage modification) using higher grade materials might produce a Finvarrium .... but Finvarrium is not for this section !!!!!!!

next take your 9 bars of Mabonite and put them in your open inventory with your Armorsmithing hammer with an Armorsmithing skill of 1. click on create and produce the following

1 familiar Reinforcement

1 familiar Padding

1 familiar cowl (item you wish to make each item will be different boots / pants/ shirt/ cowl/ helm/bracers lets use cowl as our example though !!!! )

Now that you have those three components look at your log you will notice you gained experience for making them good job !!!!!

now that we have the three necessary components we can make the cowl !!!!

Click your proficient Armorsmithing hammer and click craft you will note you have an even larger amount of experience gained for making this item and on top of that you will now have a cowl you can craft any form of the familiar cowl without further ingredients.


From here I'm afraid it gets either really costly in Mabonite ..... or you have to salvage gear you find  either familiar gear or the proficient gear you have found. this will require salvaging of other gear

SALVAGING- this is a definite money sink for the game. the only multi salvaging kit i have ever found was at Tulor's after well over 90 runs. other than that you can find it at one place Wen 5 down 6 right! for 375k gold it has 25 uses ... and you will probably need a lot of them if you plan on making a lot of gear. first make sure your crafting level is 5 believe me ...... you can get more pieces of the items you need this way however it is not guaranteed this is a roulette practice you will always receive at least 2 items per salvage but with lvl 5 crafting you can get up to 7items instead this helps in the process of making higher level components

now lets say that you got super unlucky and got 5 proficient Thaumaturgist's Cowl when all you have been after is proficient Warlords Cowl FEAR NOT!!!! we can fix this!!!!!

when salvaging an item it is actually quite easy take the item and use a salvaging kit apon it i suggest the multi tool as it will be necessary to use this tool more than once.
from 5 of these cowls i received from a level 0 crafter 2 components every time however from a player who was prestige and had 5 crafting we received up to 7 items per (it could be more honestly i don't have the amount of items needed to give a full detailing of crafting chances my apologies this was a costly endeavor !!!!)

anyway with the items now gone we had found ourselves with strange new items that came from the cowl !!!!

Proficient Cowl pattern x 10

Proficient reinforcement x 18

Proficient padding x 26

Cost to make 1 proficient reinforcement from Familiar reinforcement. we then used the proficient Armorsmithing hammer and used the below mats to make our new part of our gear !!!!

3 Familiar reinforcement, 1 Mabonite

Now that i have explained how to make the pro pieces we moved on to expert !!!!

Again there are 2 ways to obtain the pieces you need for this salvaging with crafting skill. and by upgrading from proficient with the following mats and a expert Armorsmithing hammer.

3x Proficient padding 1 mabonite bar = 1 Expert padding

We discovered a new set of items we need to complete each piece as well as listed below

Helm - Wasp Queen Hide

Cowl - Wanderer's Compass

Shirt - Dwarf Expedition

Bracer - Minos Prime's Flayed Hide

Pants - Diary of a Madman

Boots - Blacksmith's Boots

Now for the last section MASTER ARMOR

This is yet again requiring the same items as before and a new hammer as well Artisans hammer!!!!

2 Master padding
2 Master reinforcement
2 (item) pattern

and an extra ingredient listed below

Helm - Fafnir's Eye

Cowl - Cael's Hide

Shirt - Constantine's Bible

Bands - Vial of Condensed Light

Pants - Vial of Condensed Night

Boots - Grafvitnir's Eye

(Warning: No master items were crafted to make this guide... I do not have a lvl 6 armorsmith, nor do I have the materials at the moment. It could take different bars to smith it together. I am uncertain.)

Credit to : CaptianAhab - for giving some mats needed to test things
Dorian - donation of mats as well
Leviathon - huge donations
Buttercuppz - huge donations and taking the time to type this out !!!!!!!!!!
Carroll - For proof reading and making sure Buttercuppz doesnt get too large a head!!!!!!

Realm Chanting Guide

Reply #2
Realm Chanting Guide


The only gear you need to be an effective enchanter is: 2 Rings of Intelligence 1 Amulet of Intelligence
The Magician's Charm does NOT make you a better chanter than an AoI.
The Magician's Signets do NOT make you a better chanter than RoIs.

Once the max SDM was 189%, that has changed with the creation of happy new levels of meditation avaialble after prestige, and a trinket that can boost your casting abilities. 
To be a fully "capable" chanter you will need the following skills: Meditation  GM (level 5) Sorcery  GM (level 5) Elementalism  Proficient (Level 2) Thaumaturgy  Master (level 4) Necromancy  Expert (level 3), but this doesn't mean you're ready to chant professionally. Pro chanters want to be at last P1 with the trinket.

192 SDM
Chant 1: 90%   Chant 2: 90%   Chant 3: 81%
Chant 4: 51%   Chant 5: 21%

At P1 with Med 6 with Trinket SDM 212
At P2 with Med 7 with Trinket SDM 234
Chant 1: 90%   Chant 2: 90%   Chant 3: 90%
Chant 4: 81%   Chant 5: 51%   Chant 6: 20%

A Perm affects the item. Improve Armor (IA), Flame Blade(F) and Cold Steel(I), Electric Charge(E), and Venom(V) are all permed.

A Enchant affects the toon. Strength, Dexterity, Regen, Immo, and any element Shields are Enchanted.

Spells that are Permed will work if enchanted, but spells that are Enchanted will not work if permed.

For Str/Dex Stacking: First chant gives +3, second +2, third +1, anything more than 4 gives 0.5/each, but you don't see the benefit until you get two of the 0.5's to make a whole number, meaning you can get a maximum of +18 if you enchant every item you can equip (Including a shield).

For Regeneration: The equation is 1-(2/3)^n  Where n = count of Regens on equiped items.

Robes/Skirts + Baldrics are great places for shields as they don't get changed as often as other gear.

Item         1   2   3   4   5   6
Robe/Skirt   Str   Dex   Reg   Acid   Cold   Fire
Baldric   Str   Dex   Reg   Pois   Miss   Light    
Belt      Str   Dex   Reg   Immo   
Backpack   Str   Dex   Reg
Amulet   Str   Dex   Reg 
Ring 1   Str   Dex   Reg
Ring 2   Str   Dex   Reg
Helm      Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Shirt      Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Pants      Str   Dex   Reg   IA    
Cowl      Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Wrist      Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Feet      Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Shield   Str   Dex   Reg   IA
Weapon   Fire   Ice   Venom   Electric   Str
     Fire   Ice   Venom   Electric   Dex
     Fire   Ice   Electric   Str   Dex

Festering Hate Pool - Chest Run

Reply #3
Festering Hate Pool - Chest Run

Wen - 6N - 6E

Room 000: Optional Kill + Pull Lever + Optional Kill + Go Up + Required Kill + Go Right + Optional Kill + Go Up

Room 026: Enter Trapdoor + Go Down

Room 022: Recommended Kill + Pull Lever

Room 040: Go Up + Optional Kill

Room 039:

Part A: Pull Right Middle Lever + Go Down + Down + Left + Down + Left + Required Kill + Up + Loot Chest + Down + Pull Lever

Part B: Pull Right Top Lever + Required Kill + Go Right + Loot Chest + Go Left + Down + Enter Doorway

Part C: Enter Right Stairway up + Optional Kill + Go Down + Down + Required Kill + Down + Optional Kill + Loot Bones + Push Button

Exit Dungeon + Rinse and Repeat

Loot Drop:

Any Familiar Gear
Belt of Carry
Boots of Nimbility

Festering Bounty
Warrior's Bounty

Gambler's Lucky Key
Greaves of Density
Imp Talons
Plate of Density
Plate of Invulnerability

Spell Books:
Acid Cloud
Greater ID

Realm Hot Zones

Reply #4
Realm Hot Zones


Level   Name       Location
15   South Havenwood   West Leinster: 3e, 1d
15   Thieves Hole   Drune: 1s, 11w
15   Warriors Abode   Drune: 6s
50   The Downs      Monmouth: 1n
     Avalon Dunes (Prestige only)      
250  Ascetos Deep Desert Arimathor: 1w, 15n
250  Konge (Seasonal)   Currently Disabled
300  The Foundry   Silverbrook: 19e
500  Anvil Arimathor: 4w, 25n
500  Heroic Imp Haven   Asgard: 11e, 3n (1s from Reg. Imp Haven)

5    Tor's Crypt   East Leinster: 1e, 7s, 3w
25   Emerald Forest   Caer Foundry: 1w
50   Enid's Safe Haven   Silverbrook: 2n, 6w
50   Imp City   Caer Foundry: 9n
50   Wandering Woods      Asgard: 1e
Avalon Dark Forest (Prestige only)      
100  Imp Haven   Asgard: 11e, 4n
150  Drear Valley   Monmouth: 8e
200  Ascetos Desert   Asgard: 1w,1n or Arimathor: 3e
400  Greater Hives   Asgard: 3w, 12n
400   Heroic Snake Pit   Drune: 3s, 14e (1s from Regular Snake Pit)
750   Dragon Pit   Wen: 6n, 13e

1   Rat's Nest   East Leinster: 2e, 6s
10   West Havenwood      
15   The Labyrinth   East Leinster: 14e, 3s
20   Troll Haven   West Leinster: 5n, 3e, 6n
50   Forest of Death      
50   Devon Forest   Drune: 1L
100   The Barrens   Drune: 4e or Silverbrook: 6e
150   Snake PitDrune: 2s, 14e
Avalon Grasslands (Prestige only)      
150   The Maze   Drune: 6w, 13n
200   Fuloran's Abode   Usk: 3e, 10s
500   Heroic Daemon Home   Drune: 4w, 5n (1s from reg. Daemon Home

15   Lesser Hive   West Leinster: 1n, 4w, 3n
50   Bloodwood   Kurz: 1e, 4s
50   Faery Caverns   West Leinster: 3e, 3s, 4e
50   Wexfordshire Valley   Murias: 1n
75   Killing Fields      Kurz: 6e
150   Barracks   Drune: 8n, 3e
300   Hallow's End (Halloween Event Dungeon)   Currently Disabled
500   Heroic Forgotten Dungeon   Kurz: 9e, 6s (1s from regular FD)
750   Holy Caves   Drune: 11n, 9w

10   Targoth's Tomb   Kurz: 6w
10   Troll Hideaway   Kurz: 1e, 7s
35   Leinster/Kurz Road  Kurz: 1w
40   Fenris Cave   Caer Faundry: 5s
75   The Wild Beyond     Wen: 4d
100   Tulor's Caverns   Silverbrook: 2n, 11e Drune: 4e, enter tent, 1s, 4e
Avalon Mountains (Prestige only)   
500      Heroic Barracks   Drune: 7n, 3e
600      Heroic The Foundry   Silverbrook: 16e, 7n

1   The Unknown   EL: 1e
5   North Havenwood   East Leinster: 3w, 1n
20   Festering Hate Pool   Wen: 6n, 6e
50   Winter Wold      Usk: 2d
Avalon Ocean View, Avalon River (Prestige Only)      
125   Naktos Morgue   West Leinster: 3e,4s, 2w
200   Undead Stronghold (USH)   Wen: 4n, 7w
350       Heroic Fuloran's Abode   Usk: 13s, 8e From Regular FA: 3s, 5e
450   Heroic Tulor's Cavern   Silverbrook: 1n, 11e (1s from Reg Tulor's)

1          Ratling Run East Leinster: 1e
20   Ogre Caverns   Kurz: 1n, 15w; Safer from Caef Fandry 1R/12D/1R
100   Church of Damnation   Wen: 2e, 9s, 1w
100   Zender's Woods      Wen: 2e
150   Daemon Home   Drune: 4w, 6n
150   Underground (Prestige Only)   Avalon: 1s, then E
200   Forgotten Dungeon   Kurz: 9e, 5s
500   Heroic Undead Stronghold   Wen: 3n, 7w
750   Fafnir's Swamp      Wen: 8e

Planned      Heroic Greater Hive      


Realm Dungeons & Shops

Reply #5
Realm Dungeons & Shops


Level    Name & Location

500   Anvil - Arimathor: 4W, 25N
150   Barracks - Drune: 8N, 3E
100   Church of Damnation - Wen: 2E, 9S, 1W
150   Deamon Home - Drune: 4W, 6N
750   Dragon Pit - Wen: 6N, 13E
50   Enid Safe Haven - Silverbrook: 2N, 6W
50   Feary Caverns - West Leinster: 3E, 3S, 4E
40   Fenris Cave - Caer Fandry: 5S
20   Festering Hate Pool - Drune: 6N, 6E
200   Forgotten Dungeon - Kurz: 9E, 5S
200   Fulorans Abode - Usk: 3E, 10S
400   Greater Hives - Asgard: 3W, 12N
300   Hallow's End - Monmouth: 5E, 5S
500   Heroic Barracks - Drune: 7N, 3E
500   Heroic Daemon Home - Drune: 4W, 5N
500   Heroic Forgotten Dungeon - Kurz: 9E, 6S
350   Heroic Fulorans Abode - Usk: 13S, 8E
500   Heroic Imp Haven - Asgard: 11E, 3N
400   Heroic Snake Pit - Drune: 14E, 3S
600   Heroic The Foundry - Silverbrook: 16E, 7N
450   Heroic Tulors Caverns - Silverbrook: 1N, 11E
500   Heroic Undead Stronghold - Wen: 3N, 7W
750   Holy Caves - Drune: 11N, 9W
50   Imp City - Caer Fandry: 9N
100   Imp Haven - Asgard: 11E, 4N
250   Konge - Asgard: 9W, 4S, 2W, 3N, 1W
15   Lesser Hive - West Leinster: 1N, 4W, 4N
125   Naktos Morgue - West Leinster: 3E, 4S, 2W
20   Orge Caverns - Kurz: 1N, 15W
1   Rat's Nest - East Leinster: 2E, 6S
150   Snake Pit - Drune: 14E, 2S
10   Targoth's Tomb - Kurz: 6W
75   Test of Souls - Monmouth: 4W, 8N
100   The Dark Gauntlet - Wen: 10S, 9W
   The Dig - Avalon: 1W (Behind Tree), 1W, 6N, 1W, 2N, 1E
300   The Foundry - Silverbrook: 19E
15   The Labyrinth - Drune: 2N, 16W
150   The Maze - Drune: 6W, 13N
N/A   The Zoo - East Leinster: 4E, 2N
15   Theives Hole - Drune: 1S, 11W
5   Tor's Crypt - East Leinster: 1E, 7S, 3W
20   Troll's Haven - West Leinster: 5N, 3E, 6N
10   Trolls Hideway - Kurz: 1E, 7S
100   Tulors Caverns - Silverbrook: 2N, 11E
3k   Tunnels of Death (Behind tree) - Avalon: 5W, 5S
200   Undead Stronghold - Wen: 4N, 7W
150   Underground - Avalon: 1S, 6E
15   Warriors Abode - Drune: 6S

Backpacks and Crafting supplies - Asgard: 1N
Berals Armor Crafting Supplies - Wen: 5S, 6E
Cloth & Dyes - Monmouth: 1E
Prestige Trinket - Silverbrook: 5E
Skillbooks for Magic - Arimathor: 1N
Skillbooks for Melee - Caer Fandry: 2E, 1S, 1E
Skillbooks for Thiefs - East Leinster: 3S
Spellbooks & Mana - Murias: 1S
Weapons & Armor - Leather & Steel - West Leinster: 2N
Weapons & Armor - Temp. Steel & Mythril - Usk: 2N, 1W